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Thinking about installing an alky kit without spending a lot of money? One of our members, Steve Monroe, has a site that gives easy, complete, instructions on "how to" make up and install an alchohol injection system. I put mine together about three years ago. While you have to get parts from different vendors, it takes no more time to install than anything else. Cost me about $150 then, and I think I can duplicate it today for $175. The DIY kit employs the use of the $60 Shurflo pump. More pump than you'll ever need. If you have any problems locating any of the parts, or need some specific information on installation, just post here on the alky forum for answers. Additionally to the instructions on the website below, I have installed a light to let me know the pump is spraying and an activation or test button so I can activate the system manually. Spend more if you want. Here's Steve Monroe's website....


Talk about reliability, I have more than 75,000 miles on my car since I installed the diy kit, and can truthfully say, it has never failed to come on. Never had a pump failure. I have no knock in high gear at 24 psi running a TE44 turbo. I NEVER had any problem tuning it. Just figure your turn-on point, usually between 10 and 15#s of boost, set it and forget it. There is no pump speed to set. Pump is preset to 60 psi and I use a .032 jet and a one gallon reservoir. End of story! When people talk about alky being hard to tune, I really don't know what they're talking about. This DIY kit can put your STOCK TR into the 12s.
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I did but....I got the DIY SMC Kit headbang :D instead. Just seemed quicker and easier at the time. After seeing it now I think it would be simple enough to put one together. I was going to put one together for a friend of mine but he was too tight for even the DIY.
As for tuning I think you can run into problems if it comes on too early or if you have a dual nozzle like me you may spray enough to get some traces in the motor. I can't say running wide open like you say your DIY 60 PSI setup does can be optimum for the full range. To get the most power I imagine some tuning with a EGT would go a long way too. I think typically the EGT sweet spot with alcohol is about 100 degrees lower isn't it?
After seeing it now I think it would be simple enough to put one together. I was going to put one together for a friend of mine but he was too tight for even the DIY.
Hey Jesse......that's just the point. It is really simple and somehow people have the idea they don't have the time or expertise. I installed my kit when I was new to turbobuicks, coming off a long run with big block Buicks.
crazy It's so cheap, people get mad at me for bringing it up. :p

The kit you got didn't even exist. While I see posts of many problems with that kit, the Shurflo pump has proven to be one reliable piece of equipment. I use only a single .032 nitrous nozzle and jet. Can I tune my kit better? Sure. I just never bother with it. Why fix it if it ain't broke. :)

All I did was set my turn-on point and never looked back for all these years. My car runs 12.50s with real street tires at the track. While no great accomplishment, I have this same performance while driving on the street 500 miles a week. My car is a daily driver.
If I had to do it over again I would put my own together. You can get real creative and custom tailor the entire setup.
What kind of scantool do you use. Scanmaster, Direct Scan, etc.?
Red Regal T:
Down here we call that Moonshine :D .

All I have is a scanmaster. I can't figure out how to use my cellphone, so I don't want to complicate my life any more than I have to. crazy

That's true about the DIY. You can add whatever feature you want. Beyond what is included in the Stevemons instructions, I have added activation warning lights and a manual activation button. Shurflo pump #2687 is capable of enough output to handle just about any application. Another advantage of DIY is all the components in the system will be familiar to you because it will be you who puts it together on your car. If something should happen to malfunction, you can easily fix it yourself. All your parts are separate. With a self contained kit, if there is a problem, you have to send the whole thing away and do without it, while waiting for it to return from a very busy repair ship. help
John, do you know of a pump that will withstand methanol? If so, is it expensive?
Hey John, you may remember when we met at the Nationals over three years ago. It's been a while. At that time, my DIY alky kit was relatively new. I'm still running that very same pump today. The Shurflo #2687.....costs right around $60.....cheap! I started out using isopropyl alcohol and distilled water in a 50/50 mix. About 8 months ago, I went to 2/3 methanol and 1/3 distilled water. Found I could run more boost with no knock. I haven't encountered any signs of corrosion or problems. I have never used any lubricant in my mixture. Methanol costs only $2.50 a gallon. I buy a 5 gallon supply and it lasts me over three months. In case you didn't know, denatured alcohol costs about $8 a gallon. Isn't worth it to pick up a couple hundredths.
I remember meeting you John. Sitting in a lawnchair in front of your car. I know that methanol works. It's a fuel in itself. There was a show on Discovery last weekend called Speedfreaks or something; NASCAR related. Anyhow, a guy poured a puddle of methanol on the ground and tossed a burning piece of paper in it. It didn't light. He had to try multiple times and I think it finally caught. Moral of the story: apparently methanol isn't as scary as it's made out to be. That was my concern previously and why I stuck with iso or denatured.
People, in general, are scared of Methanol because it burns with an ALMOST invisible flame. The flash point and Autoignition points are almost identical to ethanol and denatured alcohol, which is a mix of ethanol, methanol, MEK's, isopropanol, etc.

People comsume methanol everyday...and don't even know it. You ingest methanol from alcohol, fruits and vegetables, and fruits and vegetable juices. Of course, this is in small quantities but we can consume up to 80 - 150mg of methanol before being poisoned. Get this - methanol poisoning is treated with > ETHANOL. yup

I'm fueled by METHANOL BABY !! headbang headbang :D

almost forgot...John, where do u buy your Methanol? Thanks.

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I don't buy any yet. I'm still running a SMC injection kit; it's pump won't handle meth. I may sell it and create another but that's down the road.
Actually I mix my methanol with distilled water about 60% methanol and 40% water. I guess I'd have to be at the track to know if there's a difference. So far on the mix I've gone 12.57 with street tires. I buy my methanol at some little place in St.Pete called HOLESHOT, so no help to anybody. If I couldn't buy it there, I'd have to ask around. I don't know what kind of business would sell it. :confused:
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