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I am taking offers on what I have for sale. Whatever sounds reasonable.They are yours..:)
3.73 Gears used
Stock Valve Covers ( 2 sets )
Billet Input Shaft from CK ( TH200-4R ) SOLD
Aluminum Trans Cooler
ATR ECM-10 Monitor ( Works great )
Re-stalled D5 Converter
Stock D-5 Converter
Vacuum Tanks ( I have 2 )
Anti-Freeze Over flow Tanks ( OE I have 2 )
Power Master in perfect working order ( New Ball and Switch ) SOLD
3.8 L Stock Pan
K&N Filters 12" long ( 1 is a 4" Inlet and the other is a 5" Inlet )
3" Aluminum Turbo Flange Kit
Stock Turbo Inlet Bells ( I have 2 )
Trans Dip Stick and Tube
Stock Inter-Cooler with Brackets ( great shape )
Stock Fan with Shroud ( Without Plug )
Stock Fuel Hanger with Red's XP Pump
Stock Hanger without Pump
Engine Oil Cooler Lines
1 Air Bag with Hose & Valve
M&H Race Master Slicks 28.5 x 10.5 ( 5 passes-will not Ship )
2 5/8" Auto Meter Sport Comp Tach
Shipping will be evaluated


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I will re-check the 2 sets I have and choose for you the nicer ones and PM you the price shipped.

Thanks! I will be sandblasting them anyway and painting them, so as long as they aren't cracked, they don't necessairly have to be the 'nicest ones.' I appreciate your quick response....:thumb_up:
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