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Winders (aka windows)

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You know them glass things that roll up and down.....well sort of.

Anyone have results, as far as speed, just replacing the motors with new ones?

I know about Kirban and the window Dr. dude.
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woha winders thats how ZAP says it!!

i know gm put smaller ones in to cut down weight. get ones out of a caprice should fit.
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Replacements (for the correct utilization) are just as slow. Kirban, and others, used to sell an older, heavier motor...seems like they were from '78s or such that were about twice as fast.

You can take the motors apart and clean the brushes, contact cleaner and some emery paper.

I've also noticed a slight improvement when replacing the circuit breaker, and/or cleaning the contacts on the fuse block for the circuit breaker.

Dude! Your windows are slow' your car wont even break the tires loose" the trannys had it' the radiators leaking'& you don't like to work on it" So releive yourself of the burdon" Hey Ill even help ya out & haul it off for ya FREE! I even have a car thats for sale that Ill sell ya cheap so you wont be stranded.

BTW" If you do replace or clean the window motors be sure to grease the regulators & lube the glass runs with silicone spray so they operate more easaly.
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If they really bothered ME, which of course they don't
, what I would do is isloate the wiring power feed and use a volt booster circuit on them. Set it to about 15 volts and you will notice a BIG improvement. Much better use for one of those devices too. Better than hotwiring, cleaning contacts, replacing motors.....

Kenne-Bell boost a pump should work well too, control knob for window power!

Just my .02.
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That's why I want the windows to roll up and down good Keith, when they are down it feels like I'm going fast and I can run the heater wide open to take some of the heat off the motor cause the radiator is leaking! One of these days I might fix some of this stuff and get plates and insurance to drive it.
Pour some alumnaseal or similar in the radiator!

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