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widened wheels and frame notching

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I have plans to get my aluminum wheels widened and my frame notched. Is there any place closer to Pennsylvania than TruDesign to have the wheels done? (trying to save all that $$$ on shipping.) Also, could any of you recommend a shop that could notch my frame for me? Somewhere in western PA? Thanks in advance.


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Unless you're going to a 11" wheel you don't need to notch the frame. Most guys run a 28X10.5 slick on a 8"-8.5" wheel anyhow, which works fine without notching the frame. Also some guys I've talked to don't recommend notching without a cage, due to chassis flex. (I dunno if you've got a cage or not, just thought I'd share)

Having said all that I'm probably going to have to notch the frame in my car to fit a 17"X10" wheels and a 275/40/17 drag radial. Without a cage. I'll do mine myself though, if it turns out good I'll tell you to drive your car to MI and I'll do it for $450.
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Thanks for the reply, PRSRIZD_V6. Right now my wheel is 8" w/ 3.75 bs and I'm going to have 2" added to the backside. I'm pretty sure I'll have to notch the frame for it, but if not then all the better. Either way, I'm going to wait to have it notched until I get the new tires mounted on the rims after they're done so that whoever does the frame can make sure that they fit. Do you think that I'd be better off going w/ an 11" rim instead? (keeping in mind that the 3" would be added to the backside, which would give me 6.75" bs?.....if that's how that works.) Thanks again.
Some guys have said they've been able to fit a 10" wheel, w/o frame mods.

Do you have to add all the width to the rear. Don't most wheel widening places cut your center out of your wheel and weld on a whole new rim? Even if you add 2" to the back you could use spacers to bring the wheel back out away from the frame. You'll definately need to roll the fender lip though.
The "problem" that I have is that my car is lowered and I already had to roll the fender lip b/c my 255/60/15 radials got cut by the lip on the way down to BG this past summer. So any additional width has to be added to the backside. I guess I should've explained more of what I'm working w/ in the beginning. Anyway, I'm working with about an inch between the tire and the frame w/ my current tire/wheel combo if that helps any. Thanks again.
I think most notched frames are only about 1" anyways so I would guess an 11" wide wheel is out of the picture. You can try it though. Personally, if you're going with 15" wheels I would just leave them alone and put 275/50 DR's and pull the trim off and roll eht lip all the way. You should be able to fit it all. Stock height cars fit them without rolling the lip.
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