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I have around 150,xxx miles on a stock block. I never noticed the smell before and i check and smell my oil often cuz it leaks. I suspected it has always run rich, but figured it was ok to run a little rich but not lean. My O2's on my DS are jumpier than Zap on the subject of a diet, and therefore unreliable as well. So i tune by knock gauge and retard from the DS. As opposed from the retard from WV. Sorry Zap.=)
The only thing i can think of is, instead of the regular denatured alky i have been using in my alky injsectoin i tried some 110 to see how the car responded.

Any ideas guys,
Thanks in advance,

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two possibilities...either you got leaky injectors or you shot 110 thru the alky system and flooded the thing with fuel.

Either way, it is not good. Washing down the cylinder walls will eat the rings up and having fuel in the oil will greatly reduce the lubrication qualities and you will be rebuilding soon.

Change the oil now. Hope for the best.
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