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who would win in a fight between an 8445 and a 292?

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is there any pros or cons to picking one or the other. i think this winter i'm going to build a pumpgas 4.1L. the engine that i found has the 292's on it now. should i go ahead and use those or get a set of 8445's? i'm not going to go nuts, just new valves, valve job, bowl cleanup and smoothing.
does one head stand tall or is it a coin toss?

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i looked there first. all i could see is a lack of bridged port. they didn't provide any flow#'s or pro's&con's.
i put the pics side by side. on the 4.1 heads, ken said they had taller ports. just looking at the difference, i couldn't see it. the spacing to the header bolt holes looked the same.
ken also mentioned a slightly different EGR port on the head. is there anything special to do for these heads to work with our superior cold air intakes? it's probally a moot point, i might remove all traces of EGR with my project engine.

1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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