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Who/Cost for modding ECMS?

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Thinking of going to 55's or 57's...
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I don't know too much about these cars but, i ordered a set of the new "high Z 57lb" injectors that RACETRONIX sells and the high impendence(Z's) don't need the ecm to be modified.I asked ERIC STAGE1 if he could burn a chip for them with my stock turbo and stuff and he said he would and could so,i had him burn me a chip for them.I am upgrading to a larger turbo in a few months and so that's why i bought these 57lb'ers. Will someone say the pluses and/or minus' of using these over say using the 57lb low impedence ones that require a modified ECM?
No ECM modding required with 57's. Reds and Bob Baily does the ECM mod upgrage for low imp. injectors. I think it's $150 plus shipping.
(your ECM)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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