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White smoke?????

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I have a 1987 GN that i just bought... When i have the car on it has white smoke...and it sometimes it backfires when i take off with the car. I am rarely new with the GN's...I just finishing changing the MAF, Fuel Filter, and sprak plugs...The person that owned the car before me has a chip in it... Not sure which one it is though... What could be the problem to the white smoke????
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Seeing this at night? Sometimes normal exhaust appears heave white in the headlights of the car behind. How does it run otherwise?
Well when i start cruising without using any boost my car starts leaving a huge trail of smoke and the car smells like gas. Then when I take off with some boost it will go fast and then make a pop sound and then the boost will continue. Also it will chug in first gear.
I thought a blown headgasket/antifreeze mixture caused white smoke.
Am I right Steve?
Quite possibly a turbo oil seal.
White smoke is usually attributed to:
1)Coolant burning from a leaking head or intake gasket (suggested by Toadie)
2)Normal carbon buildup in the motor
3)Turbo seal (suggested by salvageV6)
4)Cracked head (worst case scenario

Backfiring is normally a plug, coilpack, or ignition module problem I believe. Someone can correct me on this if I'm wrong. What plugs did you use? Gap? What maf?
A coolant pressure check may be a good place to start. You may consider pulling the plugs one by one after warming up the car & look for any steam coming from the plug holes. Evidence of this could possibly be a leak in that particular cylinder. A compression check may be done at the same time.

Have you been able to purchase a scan tool yet? The readings from them can really help you when diagnosing problems & tuning the car. Let us know.
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