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which spark plug is right?

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for an 87 that will run 13 to 14 second times in the 1/4 what is really the best sparkplug to get.
western new york state avg outside temp when running is 65degrees at 1700ft elevation.
94sunoco 160thermostat. :)
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The AC Delco R43TS with a Tight 035. gap have worked fine for my stockers. Also the AutoLite
24 was fine too.

bye, Ed
84 T-Type WH1 [email protected] stock, 87 T [email protected] stock, 87 GN stock

powersix powersix powersix
Like Ed said.

i thought you guys might say both so i guess i will flip a coin now to see which ones will go in .anybody got a canadian quarter there not using.lol
The CR43s are great too. Makes no difference, buy which ever ones your store carries

and if your store does not have one of those three.....then go for the NGK UR-5s

No platinums, no ac rapid fires, no splitfires, no champions

I like the CR43TS best. I noticed with the NGK's I got radio interference but performance was same as the AC's. dunno
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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