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when to grease

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How do you know when its time to grease up the suspension such as ball joints? I checked under my car today and saw some grease as if it was coming out of the suspension bushings. What do I need to grease the suspension components and can you tell me steps on how to do it since I never fiddled with those zerk fittings before.
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You need a grase gun (comes with short rigid line) and a seperatly purchaced grease hose that is flexible(all available at auto parts store ~$20.00. A good synthetic grease is what I use.
1. You wipe the top of the fittings to dislodge dirt and prevent clogging
2. Attach hose and "pump" the grease until you displace the old grease.
3. Wipe old grease with a rag and move to the next one
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