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When I brake to a stop the RPM's fall

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When I brake to a stop the RPM's fall (Dig Dash no tach) and catch back up, with a surge, just installed new adj. Regulator, but laptop battery is dead so I guessing the Fuel pressure. Not good I know but I am not really driving the car yet, as dashboard is out for repair. Am I probably just too lean on FP or could it haave something to do with the downshift to 1st gear by trans?

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What converter/chip/turbo are you running?
Stock chip
Everything else stock?
Sounds like my car, I suspect it is the egr solenoid or some kind of vacuum leak or maybe a falty check valve. I have the same problem. I cleaned out the egr filter too, but to no avail.
*Maybe* the IAC hanging up.
Sounds like a bad TCC solenoid to me.

Does it do it always or intermittantly?
Without your dash you don't have the VSS sensor in your system. So the ECM doesn't know your speed and may not control the TCC or other events at the proper time.

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