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Wheel Weights

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I noticed a vibration in the rear of the GN over the weekend. Thought it might be a u-joint or I lost one of my tape-a-weight wheel weights. Sure enough it was the wheel weight. Got it all balanced again today, but those tape-a-weights are a pain.

Is there any alternative to the tape-a-weights or are the the best way to balance your wheels and not scratch them up like knock-on wieghts? Or maybe a place that has better tape-on ones?


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In a super high-dollar wheel store recently I saw some "wheel-weight glue". It hardens fast with a hot-air gun (think hairdryer), & comes off with a special solvent.

Sounds like a far more effective/durable alternative versus tape.

HTH yup
Aren't there rubber coated weights they can bang on the wheel? Maybe something only found at a high end wheel shop. powersix
Wheels don't stay balanced for very long. Especially rear wheels on TR's. Has something to do with burning rubber :p . Just a little suggestion from a method that works for me. I purchase a lifetime balance and rotation and I get them re-balanced as often as every other oil-change at times. It depends on the type of driving that I've been doing. My GrandNational isn't for track use only nor is it a trailor queen so when I use it it sees quite a few miles at a time. Ever since I started with the frequent balances I haven't noticed any vibrations due to wheels period. The guys that do my balancing also balance their own tires at least twice as much as I get mine balanced. They say that even doing it that frequently doesn't keep it perfect. They use stick on weights and clean the spot where they stick the weights with degreaser and alchohol. I haven't had trouble with them coming off but then again they don't see duty very long either wink . HTH.
They have Polyester Coated wheel weights at high end shops that work well. The stick on weights do fall off after time. Try running a small bead of weather strip adhesive around the stick on weight then rebalance after dry.

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Thanks for all the suggestions, anymore are welcome :D

I had gotten brand new tires back in April so everything was balanced until last week. Maybe it was that near 100 ft long burnout in front of my mother's house that finally did it in yup

Anyway, I will probably look into higher-end stick-on wheel weights over the winter and get all the tires re-balanced in the spring.

Here's a trick I do with the stick on wheel weights. It works, never have lost one since I used this method. After applying the weight I spread a thin layer of clear silicone seal over the entire weight and around the edges of it basically sealing it to the rim. Did this out of desparation on my pro street car since it needed a ton of weight to balance out the giant M/T Sportman tires I had on it. Been doing it on all my rims since. Of course if you hook up hard enough you will spin the tire on the rim and all balancing is out the window.

In fact, while we are on this subject has anyone screwed Drag Radials to the rims? I remember spinning the tires on the rims on my Chevelle before I pro streeted it. This was way before the invention of drag radials. I had marked the rims and tires with a strip of paint and checked after a run and the tire had moved over an inch. This was a plain old L-60x15 tire. Wonder if just screwing the inside of the rim would work?
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