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Whats a good Chip for a GN

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Are thrasher chips any good because they only cost $25.00. If not what chip is recommended for a GN.
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Thrashers are good chips. Don't be fooled by the price. Some have had trouble with them, but at $25, they are worth a try. Look at the chip talk section to read about opinions on this chip.
i'm a huge fan of the lubrant. i personaly hate the thrasher.
If the Thrasher doesn't work in your car it's because your car has problems or it is too far from stock! Thrashers have an open loop idle which means it doesn't compensate for vacuum leaks or added aftermarket parts! It was extensively developed for a stock TR in good running condition. Throw in a different cam, turbo, heads or some vacuum leaks and it will probably SEEM like the chip is crap. For a stockish car, the Thrasher is the best chip available. It just so happens to cost the least.


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