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What to do next?

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Hey guys, been real busy lately like everyone esle I assume. Well I have picked up and done some stuff to my buick and I wanted to check to see what you all thought. I started pretty well stock. I now have 009 injectors, and matching chip,kenne bell adjustable reg,hot wire kit for the fuel pump. Now I should mention that if you guys remember that I had all those problems a while ago, well I ended up putting in a stock fuel pump just to get the thing running and I realize I have to change it. I was going to go with a Red Armstrong xp pump. Well anyway I also have a houston down pipe and access to ported heads...I was thinking of getting a cam also, I believe it is a 210/205 or something like that.
So what next......I hope I didn't forget to mention anything....thanks guys....see ya cheers
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alky system and boxed LC arms
Alky & Duttweiler neck IC & rear spring airbags. Seen many mild stock GNs pulling low 1.6 60 fts on OEM control arms. Anyway, you need slicks, (and a linelock to get the most out of slicks) and rear airbags to take advantage of boxed arms.

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Thanks for the advice, I have since put on the houston down pipe,,,,,,,what a toy that is...made quite a difference ..........I was wondering if you guys liked the flowmaster 2.5 inch exhaust or the hooker system better..???????/ loser
Ultraflows, 2.5" or 3".
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