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What Mufflers To Use??

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I've got a Hooker cat back system comming along with a Mease DP with test pipe I know I don't want to use the Hooker mufflers with the kit.
I don't know if I should go with the Dynomax Ultraflows or the Bullets. How about some opinions!! I think the Ultraflows will be too quiet. I have Flowmasters now and wouldn't mind it a bit louder!
Anyone use the adapters Torque Tech makes to use the Bullets??
Ram dunno
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go to the video my car has 2.5 ultra flows
why didnt you get the torque tech kit to start with ?

much better fit than hooker

torque techs exaust is bent for use with offset in and offset out mufflers and the hooker kit is bent for offset in and center outlet mufflers so the adapters will probly move the muffs over too far for the hooker kit
Where do you get the Torque Tech kit??

Where do you get the Torque Tech kit??

Good question - like 90% of Buick vendors websites - Torque Tech's sucks HARD, and it's impossible to get thru the site to find the parts.

CHRIST I hate crappy webites. DO it right, or HIRE someone to do it right.
Amen to that yup

Dan canada
Well 3 reasons why I went with Hooker & not Torque Tech. #1 It will end up being about $150 less after I sell the Hooker mufflers to a friend of mine and use the Ultraflows! #2 NO SHIPPING got to be worth another $30 or more! #3 I heard a lot of positives on the Hooker system compaired to the Torque Tech. Not bad reviews just not that many!
I'm also a little weary dealing with some of these small vendors lately. I have had nothing but good luck with Summit with the bunches of orders I've placed with them.

Now what about some opinions on the questions I asked????? :D
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