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what could it be ?

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well after hg's and new piston in,and everything buttoned up all is well except/haha the dreeded except.in the morning before she starts -sounds like sucktion then starts ok.drive to work no problems,8hrs later go to start her and sucktion again,but if I start her back to back no sucktion.what do i check for? 2nd what would turbo lag feel like as she still hesitates a little before driving off,or could motor still be tight from changing all the bearings? INT-#s fluctuate as BL stays 150 at idle and highway speed doesn't change,what do i check here?I have no vacuum leaks so why is ECM adding fuel? dunno
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Sounds like something sucks wink I'm not sure if I understand your post. Maybe it the fuel rail pressurizing when you turn on the key dunno Need more info on your setup to help with your other problems.
well this is what I got- 87GN with TE60 new,50lb msd,V4 int,comp 206-206,smc alky,3000stall,340 walbro hot wired,pp heads,casper thumwheel burned for alky and all other mods done.could new turbo make that sound before spinning? I've taken tethescope to listen for leaks have none.never heard before so i'm stumped...1st ? INT #s ok,but BL pegged at 150, how to adjust this? iac,tps,fp all fine no driving problems.just little sucks when starting,and little hesitation before driving off.reckon motor has to be tight still. :confused:
Do you have an adjustible FP regulator?
yes-it'set at 42 line off.don't think it's bad,but when turn key on i can hear pump prime and at FPregulator hear it running.when before it would stop once pump was primed.when boost goes up so does fp so i assume it's fine.fp gauge mounted on hood so i can see it. dunno
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