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Washed cylinder?

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I just removed my driver cylinder head to check for a blown head gasket. After I removed the cylinder head I noticed the normal carbon build up in the #1 and #5 cylinders, but the #3 was washed clean. I checked the head gasket, and there was no signs of a blown head gasket. My spark plug was also clean (light tannish in color). I have been watching my coolant level and it is full, has never been low. It has been consuming oil. The car has 72,000 miles. I took the head to my machinist, he checked it out and determined that the valve guides were bad. The intake you could actually see and feel side to side movement.
I then deteremined that the #3 cylinder was the knocking cylinder by using a portable scope. I checked everthing electrical, even ohmed out the wire from the injector to ECM, OK, brand new injectors, so I figured it had to be internal. Could worn valve guides cause this problem? Has anyone else seen a problem similar to this? Any ideas, please let me know.
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I don't understand your question. If one is tan which is pretty normal the other two may have leaking guides?
No, the plugs all look tannish, which is good. I am refering to the tops of the pistons and combustion chambers in the head. #1 and #5 look normal, blackish carbon build up(light), #3 looks like a brand new piston, with a brownish haze. The combustion chambers are the same way. #1 and #5 slight carbon built up, #3 no carbon, clean, with a tannish coloring. What gives? And when the engine was assembled and running cylinder #3 had knock at about 12 psi boost.
I would have that head pressure tested or magged for cracks. You may have one in three (water cleanses things) or it is really lean in that cylinder (maybe swap another injector in that hole).
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