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Warning: Timing chain, timing chain tensioner, timing cover, cam button

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Bad, bad, bad. Purchased a timing chain tensioner from an other than dealership source. It fit well, but when I went to replace the timing cover, the cover cracked due to the tensioner's bolt projecting out too far.

Do not purchase timing chain tensioner from any other source than GM!

If you do, make sure to measure the original bolt projection from the block and remeasure the replacement once in place. IMO, it's worth the $2.99 price difference and the 2 day wait for the GM part. @*& DAMMIT!
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I plan on ordering a new timing cover from GM. What else will I need to make the job complete? Thanks.
Just bolt the old oil pump up to the new cover?
Okay...I see how this is going.

When the new cover comes in, will I:

1. Need any unforseen little gaskets or gizmos?

B. Take any extra steps such as rebuild my pump, etc.

I know I need a new tensioner, timing cover and gasket set. I've never replaced an old TR timing cover with a new TR timing cover before, so I'm trying to plan it right. I've serached tb.com, tbs.com and gnttype.com and haven't come accross anything with details on swaps. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
I appreciate the offer on the cam button Joey, but I've already got it. Thanks,though.

Nick, I may have received the wrong tensioner, but the design was like the OEM one: The bolts diameter and thread count allowed it to go in, the spring lined up with the hole in the block and the tensioner fit perfectly against the chain. The head of the bolt stuck out too far, however, when it was cinched down (and it was in all the way). This is evidenced by the divit and crack in the corresponding area on the timing cover.

It's good to know (now) that the bolt does not get replaced. I only wish that one of the TR web sites had it written somewhere, which is why I made this post. I find it hard to believe that nobody's ever run accross this issue and hopefully this post will prevent it in the future.
Originally posted by Buick T:
That cover they are talking about with the HP pump and all is like 500 bones.
Oh contrare. I picked one up from Southeast Performance Turbo for $120. For another $55, he was going to set it up with an HV oil pump. I was really pleased with their customer service, by the way. I decided to order the stock oil pump rebuild kit and go with the 60 lb spring. Between that and the Biggie Oil Filter Kit, I ought to be okay on oil pressure. I also dropped the oil pump plate off to get machined today because it was a little scored. Between mail order and the resurfacing, I won't be able to get into it until Monday (at best). LOL...this was a four hour job.
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