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Warning: Timing chain, timing chain tensioner, timing cover, cam button

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Bad, bad, bad. Purchased a timing chain tensioner from an other than dealership source. It fit well, but when I went to replace the timing cover, the cover cracked due to the tensioner's bolt projecting out too far.

Do not purchase timing chain tensioner from any other source than GM!

If you do, make sure to measure the original bolt projection from the block and remeasure the replacement once in place. IMO, it's worth the $2.99 price difference and the 2 day wait for the GM part. @*& DAMMIT!
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I guess it has never come up because the bolt does not wear or anything and you just reuse the old one. And like Nick said I didn't get a new bolt with mine just the tensioner and the spring (Genuine GM).
That cover they are talking about with the HP pump and all is like 500 bones.
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