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I have a PI converter for sale. I bought it off of a member on this board about 6 months ago for a project I was working on (dave, from triple edge performance). The trans didn't hold up and started slipping so I decided to go the th400 route. The Fluid that came out of the trans really didn't even smell bad yet, but I gave up on it pretty early. there was no metal or anything in the fluid, I guess the clutches simply couldn't take the power.

When I purchased the converter I was told it had less that 500 miles on it, and it I put less than another 500 on it, so its a pretty low milage converter. I believe it is a single clutch lockup, and I was told it was a 3200 stall, which matched up to what I watched it flash to in my truck. Converter was in a 27 spline 700R4, and I have been told by several transmission specialist that it will also work well in a 2004R, and a 27 spline 4l60e.

asking price is $350, let me know if you are interested, or if you have any other questions.


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