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vacume lines

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Thank's alot, the line coming off of the vacume soilnoid was off. But there is another line on the soilnoid that is plugged any idea why and where it goes?
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The other one on the Wastegate solenoid should not be plugged. It should have a foam filter on it, most have come off no real big deal, but it would be safer to have it there.
Make sure the end of the y fitting with the orifice goes to the turbocharger compressor housing. The other goes to the wastegate. There were some wrong ones set out new where the orifice was too small, it should be about .050 in. If I remember right the straight thru side of the y has the orifice that would go to the housing and the branch off part of the y goes to the wastegate.
I had purchased two hose kits with the Y from Kirban and unfortunately the orifice was the wrong size. But I believe Kirban bought them from GM. Major over boosting problems with the wrong size orifice. I believe Buick T is correct about the line placement. Good Luck!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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