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Turbolink on a Hot Air?

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My buddy has the turbo link software and offered it to me to use. Can I use it on my Hot Air car? I thought I heard that I can I just won't get all it displaces for the later year cars. Can someone answer this for me? Thanks.
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you heard correctly. i tried it on my 84. my little auto x-ray scan tool gives more info.
Make sure you set it up for a hot air (and then back when done).
It works with less information. You can also place it in diagnostic
mode t get more information but then do NOT step on the gas.

bye, Ed
84 T-Type WH1 [email protected] stock, 87 T [email protected] stock, 87 GN stock 399/400 points

powersix :D powersix
I believe if you convert to an '86-'87 ECM everything will work as designed.
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