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got this car a couple month ago, and decided im going to do twins, so this stuff needs to go.

this is what everything looked like in the car

Turbonetics t series 65/66 ball bearing turbo. exhaust housing has been coated and is .63 3 bolt housing. no shaft play. comes with coated intake and filter. also comes with oil drain back to block, 4an feed fitting, 4an feed and return fittings for coolant- 900 obo shipped

coated steel 3" Downpipe does NOT come with wastegate, but flanges are for turbonetics rg-45 wastegate and similair. has O2 bung welded in. has a couple of dings in it to clear the TRZ control arms - 250 obo shipped

Precision 1000hp Intercooler with all coated charge pipes. does NOT come with blow off valve. bov flange is for Turbonetics godzilla blow off valve. comes with couplers and t bolts and mounting hardware. couple scratches on the coating, but you cannot see them when installed. precision no longer makes this one, so get it while you can. 625 obo shipped

turbonetics Godzilla BOV. you will need to buy a new mounting flange. 200 shipped

turbonectics RG-45 wastegate. in/out V bands not included. 250 shipped

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