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First of all on turbolink it shows at WOT everytime that I hit 255 GPS of MAF and I will hit that very easily...is this bad that I can't get higher than 255 because I know that is the max airflow the computer shows...

another thing is blms and integrator...it is always at 128 or lower like 124 during WOT...that means i am too lean right? but i have tons of fuel pressure?

also what are the o2 volts supposed to show at WOT...i am getting 790-810 normally...is this good? this is with a 48 psi fuel pressure with line off on stock injectors, boost at 25lbs stock turbo and injectors...i knocked 11 degrees with this setup and i was told the stock turbo is inefficient after 22lbs because it's heating up the intake too much thus the knock...

so should i turn down the fuel pressure a bit and the boost? say 22 lbs of boost and 45 psi of fuel? this is gonna be done with a RA108 race chip like before...


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The reason you're hitting 255 so easilly is because of the high boost you're running.

That being said it sounds like everything else is doing well. Good BLM's! anything from 100-140 is fine, simply because it just means that everything is still in the comfortable range of adjustability for the PCM. Obviously 128 is perfect, but you'll seldom see perfect. 128 +/- 10 is great!

11 degrees of knock retard is WAY TOO MUCH at the high boost you're running. Running street levels of boost (15-17#) the engine could tolerate up to 6 degrees of knock retard fairly safely. But over 20# of boost, and seeing ANY knock retard is asking for new head gaskets!!

Your O2's look great. Yes, the stock turbo is way out of it's efficiency band at such high boost. 22 # would be about max and 45# of fuel pressure would be a good place to be.

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