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Trans Fluid?

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Ok" Im fixin to replace the lockup solinoid in my trans" Should I go with type F fluid fill or stick with the Dextron 2? Problem: Shifts really good normal driving" kinda slides threw the gears at WOT" Not really slipping just dont have a firm shift.
Currently Im using Dextron 2 & its over full by 1 qt of type F.
Im looking for durability.
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Dextron 3.

Give em' hell!
AH SH*T! D3' Thats the first time I heard that one.
Your just trying to confuse me aint ya Radial kid!

How do ya like that word Steve "AINT"!
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Drop the t, I use Dexron III.
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Actually,this was discussed at great length elsewhere[you know where],in the trans section.Bruce Toelle and some of the guys were throwing it around.
Of course you could always try Dextrose 4.

Lower fat content you know.

Give em' hell!

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How would Steve respond to these answers?-----*g*--- Whatever that means" Gees'
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Personally I use Type F and that's what the local trans guru told me to use. Jeff Harrington uses it in his 9.80's car which runs in OD and has had no problems in over 4 years.

Not to cloud the water, but I would use whatever your trans guy says, if the trans guy is Hydramatic (GM) then I would use what they suggest D3.

On another note, I've been through 3 engine builders in the last 7 years and each one said to use a different motor oil. (Kendall, Redline, Mobil 1) So maybe it's just personal preference.
I use Type F but I think Dexwhatever is okay as well.

I have a deep trans pan that needs about 10 quarts. Should I put in 5 quarts of mobil 1 synthetic and 5 quarts of type F? Or just 10 quarts of type F since its cheaper than the Mobil 1 synthetic($6/qt)?

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I would not mix them and I would be sure that the Mobil 1 has worked well in a number of other 200 r4s before I used it.

I have noticed it is getting harder to find name brand Type F's around here and would have no problem with Dexron as I know it works okay, too.

I'll go with Dexron III then. How much do you guys pay for Dexron III per quart regardless of the brand? I saw at Target a Valvoline brand Dexron III for $1.89 which sounds like a reasonable price. What do you think?
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