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I am about to do the transmission (200-4R) in a 87 GN that I did the engine on a few years ago and was wondering what stall I should get in the torque? Planning on going with a 10 inch lock-up, just want to know what stall.

the engine build is as follows;

Rotating assembly fully balanced
20 over forged pistons (8:1 compression)
Precision TE44 turbo
Stock location stretch intercooler.
Terry Huston down pipe with dump
Catalytic converter removed
60lb injectors with turbo tweak chip
Walbro fuel pump (don't know which one)
Adjustable fuel pressure regulator
Serpentine under drive pulley
Bigger intake plenum (don't know what kind)
Alcohol injection (dual nozzle)
LT1 mass air flow sensor with translator
Camshaft - total lift = .448 intake/.472 exhaust
duration = 204' intake/214' exhaust
lobe separation = 112'

Still has the 3.42 gears out back as far I know... I'm sure that will break next.

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I'm not an expert, but would think that a 10" PTC 2800 stall lock up would be a good choice for your set up.
May be best to contact Dusty Bradford on the other board to see what he recommends.

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