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Top Engine Cleaner... WTF?!

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I went to the dealership today to get a "can" of it... and dude looked at me like I was lost in time. "Sir, we stopped selling that product years ago, what year is the vehicle? Oh, it isn't intended for injected cars..."

So I am standing there w/o a clue (no part number) and have to leave with my tail between my legs, after he shows me some "newer" products that may work the same... One was called "Cleen" and sounded like the trick.

So, now I have a few questions:

1) What is the GM P/N for Top Engine Cleaner?

2) Does this go in a full tank of gas, or am I supposed to pour it in through the up-pipe as described elsewhere?

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I just called the dealership back with the P/N provided (thank you!) and it has been renamed "Cleen" (the product he showed me) and now comes in a plastic bottle.

I guess I'll be picking up a bottle after work and adding it, thru the U-P, some time in the near future.

Thanks again,
What kind of BS are they trying to give you? Geniune GM TEC is still available under part number 1050002.
No no... It has GM written all over it. yup
I think that the new container is readily recyclable or whatever, and it has a fancy new label. dunno
I seen the GM top engine cleaner I posted at a Chevy dealer last week. It's also listed in there computers. Maybe Canadian GM Is first to update dunno
Just like the US Sunocos. thumb_do
1 - 4 of 18 Posts
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