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To Steve and others in regards to theft by window

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Hey fellas, I have a question regarding the windows on GN's and not being sealed completely. I have a family member who owned quite a few GN's and also advised me that most easy way to get access of course into a GN is simply pulling the window back which I did and the F-er strecthes like underwear to give more than enough access for your arm to reach in and pull the handle... ANy resolution to this??!? :(

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And keep a video survailance so you can post the footage and give us some entertainment yup
great idea but the thief will sue you and probably win...and if you live in the wrong state, you will get arrested for some ludicrous reason..unnecessary force, failure to try to rehabilitate the victim before taking him to Mickey D's, or such.

Better they pull the window back than break the opera window. Probably better you leave the window down and put a big red arrow inside pointing at the steadfast collar.

Window mechanisms are pretty sloppy on them but it makes it easier for your son to open the car when he leaves the keys in it.

Never, mind, Dad, I found a piece of wire and opened it myself. :rolleyes:

Kirban sells a kit that will restore the windows to like new tightness...which ain't very tight.

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