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Got the car running good, new turbo TA-62.(009) injectors,walbro 340,heads P&P 1.77in 1.50ex, RJC power plate, adjustable fuel pressure regulator,3200 9/11 converter, trans just rebuilt and all new sensors. Have a Testa chip 18* Timing 93 Octane. How much more power would I get from running a 100 Octane chip with maybe 24* of timing?
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All things equal, probably 20-30HP. Personally I like to run low timing to leave room for mistakes... powersix
So what your saying is run more octane and crank up the boost?
In my travels, boost has always made more power than timing comparing apples to apples.... headbang
boost and timing plus the appropriate fuel will always make more timing than either alone.

A 100 octane chip won't buy you much with 24 degs of timing, but, a 110 octane chip will.

Power increase with boost does not seem to be linear. With that turbo you need to run around 24-26# of boost to get into the part of the compressor map where that turbo really works. That will probably give you a second over what you can run on 93/18 or a half second over 93.18 plus alky IF you run timing and fuel to match.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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