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Hi guys, I've been MIA for quite awhile, I just haven't had time for the old Buick lately. Long story short, about a year and a half ago, it left me stranded in a parking lot. I suspected the timing chain, because of how fast it turned over, and because it wasn't building OP on crank.
I finally got around to tearing into it, and found both of the cam gear bolts had fallen out. :rolleyes: The previous owner had this engine built, and it probably has less than 5000 miles on it. It has a double roller setup (no tensioner). The bolts were only into the cam about 3/16", and the threads were left behind.
My initial questions are;
What thread are these bolts? They look like 5/16x18 to me, but there is basically nothing left for me to compare. I need to get a tap to clean out the cam threads.
Does this seem crazy to anyone else? (That they both fell out, and didn't go into the oil pan) :eek!:

I think the bolts need to be about 1/8" longer than the old ones, so I suspect that the stock cam gear is thinner than the double roller cam gear.

Thanks for any info guys! :cool:
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