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I still have a bunch of stuff left to sell.
GN oil Pan
Stock Trans Pan
GN Governor
Converter Shields
Stock Valve Covers
Match Ported Lower Intake
MSD Wires for Dist.
K&N 4" x 14"
K&N 5" x 12"
Stock Front Bumper
Trans Cooler
10" and 12" electric Fans
Stock Rods, Stock Pistons
Lakewood Anti-Hop Bars
ATR-ECM 10 Monitor
Stock d-5 Converter
Stock Fuel Hanger with XP Pump
Anti-Freeze Bottles
Make offers and they are good to go...:wink:

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Joe, I'll take the governor. I'll give the cash to Dan Keller this weekend and he can drop it to you next time he see's you. Just PM me what you want for it.

We Have Lift-off
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Governor is sold
Trans Pan is sold.
Oil Pan is sold.
Pistons with Rods are sold.
Lower Intake sold

Thanks guys for making some room, and helping the Stage II Fund..:wink:
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