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Time to go shopping in the junkyard.

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I know this subject has popped up time and time again. I'm looking for a list of cars/years/models to look for with the 4.1 in it. I would think that all the late '80s models in the yards have been reincarnated as Expeditions. Thanks.
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You could probley go over to the OTHER BOARD to the junkyard dogs forum & find that info.
RWD Buicks like our body style.Apparently there's lots of 'em like ours[G body] in the wrecking yards.

Give em' hell!
80-84 Fullsize Buicks
80-84 Fullsize Oldsmobiles
82-83 Buick Regals
80-84 Cadillac Fleetwoods/Devilles
80-84 Buick Riviera, Olds Toronado, Cadillac Eldorado.
Beware with the Caddys. If it says 4100 or HT4100, that is the 4.1 liter aluminum V8.
The easiest way to tell a 4.1 is the 4 barrel Quadrajet carb. Other than that, they look like any other Buick V6.

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