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hey guys and gals

just got back home from the BG this year with the good ole SloGN. i put 1107 miles on her since thurs morning got 23 MPG over the entire trip.

I also couldn't stand it having SloGN at the track and not make a pass or 2

on true street tires(245/60-15's) i made 2 passes. This was @ 21 psi of boost with 3 gallons of 110 to a 1/8 tank of 93 and 21 degrees of timing

run 1

2.03 60FT
7.91 1/8
12.32 1/4 @ 105.14 MPH car rattled @ 93 mph 9.8 degrees so i got out of it. i think when i tried locking the converter was a no no and caused the knock.

Run 2

2.07 60FT
7.98 1/8
12.24 1/4 @ 115.09 MPH again @ 21 psi of boost and 21 degrees of timing and i also run the car thru in 3rd gear. with 1.4 degrees of knock.

i really happy that i drove the car there and back and ran a low 12's with street tires and got 23 mpg the entire trip

I'm sure there were people laughing @ me for running on street tires and the SloGN tag

BUT IT'S ALL ABOUT HAVING FUN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :6: :6:

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Congrats :cheers: If I could have made it I would have been the slowest out there with a 14 sec pass :yup: It's all about going a just have fun like you did :headbang:
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