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Thinking of selling the GN?

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The car is an 86' GN with 180,000 mi. The paint is original(crappy) and has a few dents. The car has no rust and is from Virginia. That place is for lovers, but they have decent cars too. The interior is decent. The dash has a small crack and so does the console. The drivers seat is ripped on the outside edge. It has pwr win loc and mirrors. It also has digital dash concert sound II. The car has T-tops, and the windsheild leaks. The reason I want to keep it is because it is all original, and never modified. The turbo is blown, but the car rides very tight. Even though it has like no body bushings. I think if I sold it I would ask $6400. The car isn't for sale, but I am just curious what it may be worth to you guys. I paid almost 6000 for it and put in a little work. I know its hard to tell from reading this the shape of the car. I am my toughest critic on the car, so I try to represent it for what it is. The car is an excellent project car. Do you think I could get that much money with those miles. I had no problem forking over the money. I know these cars better than the average person, who might shy away with those miles. Give me your opinions. Thanks guys! usa
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Blown turbo, needs interior, dents,etc. mabey 4,000


I think your price is a bit too high. If the car is like you describe it, it might be a while before anyone comes to look at it and it might be even longer before someone offers money.

Most of the cars that "I" have noticed selling are priced lower than what you are thinking about asking. These cars are NOT cheap to rebuild / restore.

Keep the car and enjoy it yourself. :D
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