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Great article thanks.

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from what I remember some cars were bought by the FBI the only mods were the chip which was not speed governed and different tires for speed...do not remember anything about the speedo...

if you do a search you come up with some info

Next time you spot a plain-Jane Buick Regal cruising the neighborhood, take a closer look. It could be a thinly disguised 3.8-Litre turbocharged Grand National, and the driver could be an FBI agent. Buick doesn't want to talk about it, but the FBI evidently bought 80 Grand Nationals after tire-smoking tests in Milford, MI. In those tests the Grand National did indeed prrove it could out accelerate a Camaro IROC-Z, Pontiac Trans Am and a Corvette.

The FBI, so the story goes, then asked that the 245hp Grand Nationals be fitted with tires for 150mph and that the fuel injection govoner (which interupts fuel flow at 120mph) be removed.

I will reach out to my contacts for more info.

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Grand National

From Lou Infante

Yes, at some time during the GNX program, the FBI bought a number of GNs that had the speed limiters deactivated and the upgraded the tires to 150MPH so they could catch drug guys that had exotic cars. The only ones I remember hearing about were in Florida but they may have been in other places.


Lou Infante
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