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thdp problem

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i noticed on my thdp, that the arm that controls the puck, doesnt completely close. if i wiggle it abunch of times itll close, but itll stick the next time again.

i've pulled the dp off and the puck moves freely, theres no sign of it hitting anywhere.

i installed it again and almost right away it would not completely close.

if i loosen it from the turbo its fine, but once its snugged up, it refuses to close.
any ideas tips anything????
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Are you saying that the little puck arm moves freely unless its connected to the wastegate arm? That sounds like a problem with the wastegate actuator to me BUT what do I know. Good luck.
not exactly.
the little puck arm moves freely untill its bolted to the turbo, then it refuses to completely close.
this happens whether or not the actuator is hooked up.
Sounds like something is not quite right and it binds the arm when the bolts are tightened. If it does this when the bolts are torqued down evenly to the turbo, then I would call the vendor and explain the problem and ask for a replacement. Almost sounds like the face of the thdp is warped. Put it on a piece of plate glass and see if it meets the glass flushly or it wobbles.

I suspect you will need a new pipe or have that one milled flat.....manufacturing problem?

thanks steve. ill give that a try.
this pipe is a few years old though and the place i bought it from is no longer in buisness.

if i need a new one im thinking of the other style that doesnt use the stock type wastegate..
I have found more problems keeping the external gates working right than simply sticking with the stock style.....not sure if that is fact or only my experience, tho.

I think a machine shop can mill the mounting flange back to true for you for very little effort/money.

You might also shoot some rust penetrant around the shaft and see if that helps as well....

Make sure the puck isnt hitting the inside of the hole and binding up. Mine does that, i just have to hold it a bit then tighten the bolts down.
well i tried it with a piece of glass, and it didnt bind at all.

the arm moves very easily when its not hooked up.

what i did was applied pipe sealent to the hole on the turbo, i then mounted the pipe to the turbo and torqued it down, moved the arm to the point where it james up then applied some pressure to it, removed the pipe to see where it was hitting.
it appears the top of the puck is hitting the top of the hole first, thus causing it to jam up.

what i did now was to put a bevel on the edge of the entire puck with my dremel.
hoping that this will help it slide into place a little easier.

i mounted it torqued it, and tried it a few times by hand.
it only binded up twice. and even then it didnt stay jammed up like before.

im not saying this is the sure fix, but i'll let ya know how it works out after a couple test drives.


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rather than bevelling the puck, can you grind on the housing?

do you think since the puck didnt make a good seal against the turbo, that may have been causing my backfiring through the intake problem? it only happens after 5psi.
I just fixed this problem on my BGC downpipe. I put an E ring clip behind the arm that the puck pivots on to pull the puck back a little bit so it doesen't get caught on the edge of tho hole on the turbo. I took my part with me into Sears hardware and found an E ring clip that fit tight. It was either that or cut a small washer in half and put it behind the arm and weld it in place to take out some of the play so the puck doesn't wobble so much, then it won't catch the edge of the hole. Hpoe I helped you. Tarey D.

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hey thanks for the tip.
do you have the size of this clip, or part #?
i was just thinking, that clip you put in there, is it just regular metal? or stainless?
the reason i ask is if its just carbon steel
i would think the heat will destroy it.
just a thought..
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