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TA 49 Turbo

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Has anyone tried this specific turbo? Big increase in power? I heard installing this turbo will give you 40 more HP. Is this worth the investment? Thanks Pete
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I have it on my car and I also put in a converter and it really woke the car up. If you can get one then go for it!!!!
I put in the John Craig TE44 (more or less the same unit ) and a 3200 stall converter from Bruce (9/11 on his website) and between the two, the car has responded very well. Both the turbo and the converter were stock units.
You will need plenty of fuel to take advantage of the bigger unit, so do not skip that upgrade if you haven't already done so.
i think that the 49 is prolly one of the most popular turbos out there.
Pete, below 18#, you will probably not notice any improvement. As you increase the boost, the stock turbo becomes inefficient and begins to heat the air charge excessively. The 49 picks up where the stock quits and remains in its efficiency zone to at least 26#.

A stock turbo/injectors will take you to low 12s and some have gone high 11s. A 49 with appropriate matching injectors can take you to near the mid 11s IF everything is mechanically sound in your engine and you have the matching componets required to support the hp.

A stock converter should work fine with the 49 or the 44.

just for conversations sake, how exactly does the 49 differ from the 44 ?
just for conversations sake, how exactly does the 49 differ from the 44 ?
i'd like to know that myself.
The intake housing!

The 49 looks stock, the 44 housing is integrated...ONE piece and is a tad larger diameter. No difference on the exhaust side and the wheels are identical.

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yea, I know the 49 is stock appearing and the wheels are the same...but integrated housing??? as in you can't re-clock it? never noticed that on my 44... dunno
The inlet bell is integrated into the compressor housing. You can still clock the housing.

The TE series have compressor housing that flow a bit better than TA housing. Not a lot of difference on the 44s as compared to the 49, tho.

Thanks everyone for your feedback. I think I am sold. What the heck it's only money. Pete
Good attitude...must be single! :D

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