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OK I have made up my mind AGAIN to keep the low mile TTA as my Stage 2 project so this TTA I got at Christmas is goin . Car has NO RIMS AND TIRES. Tires and rims are from my 10k mile car and I am keeping them . $10,500 whole, or $7500 as a roller (NO ENGINE OR TRANS) , or if that doesn't work Ill piece it out for more $$$ .
Car is very nice and RUST FREE !! 43k for mileage .. summer driven only . It has been sitting for 6 years . Trans slips . Motor runs good BUT it has been "driven like ya stole it". I personally would take it apart and check it out .. motor is all stock . car ran 12.0s @115 for years . Car still runs and drives. I put a new fuel pump and Melissa's 50# inj in it to get it running .. then I got another set of stock inj for it . Has a drive shaft loop and a Hurst Line Loc. Radio is the stock one but has a cassette stuck in it . Rear spoiler has a crack in it and it needs front rotors.. Did I say the car was driven hard ?? He kept the car real clean!!! Just beat it whenever he was using it .
OK enuff for now ... Fire away with any questions .. I have a ton of pics . Just have to figure out how to get them in a Zip File
here are some pics in this thread ...

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