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Hey guys,

I noticed the other day that the idle on my T-type is surging a little. Not bad, from about 550-650 to about 1000 to ocassionally 110 rpm. The only thing that has been done or changed is: I ran 4 gallons of 112 octane in it, but that's long gone, and I did remove the conical air filter(K&N) and clean and re-oil it. To do that I had to remove the sensor that was in the filter end...I think it is the IAC or ATS sensor???

Would that be it? I thought maybe some excess filter oil may have gotten on it, but I don't know.

Also, Where's a good place to buy restoration parts like locks and dashes for these things?

Thanks alot,

2002 Camaro SS
1986 T-type
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0-2 sensor if it is 'hunting'. Worth a shot, since they need changing every so often anyway.

Here is a link to our good buddy Buick Fr4om Hell (Kevin Williams) he is good people. Never go on a road trip with him. Bad things happen.

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Probably the O2 as you ran some leaded thru it.

Also be sure the tps is .46 or less when the engine is running.

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