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Timing cover $100 (timing cover not included)

Complete intake manifold - 69pc $80

Valve Covers $14

Turbo Shield $10

THDP DP 8pc $9

LS1 & LT1 MAFs $5

Turbo Bell $5 (bell not included)

Stock and SLIC intercooler-8pc $9

Crank balancer pulley 12pc $13

20bolt oilpan 40pc $20

14bolt pan 28pc $16

200 trans pan $19

10bolt rear diff 20pc $15

paypal address is [email protected] If you like checks, MO's, gold bars or cash, PM for my snailmail addy....

Shipping is $8 period, no matter the weight.

I can keep the costs low by taking advantage of USPS's flat rate boxes. (if all you want is something small like a 'onesie-twosie' let me know and I'll see if I can mail them cheaper)

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