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I have read dozens of posts on this and tried to find the most logical solution, but nothing is working. It just keeps cutting out at high RPM, as in between shifts. Once it shifts, I can roll into the throttle and it pulls fairly well. My scanmaster readings look good, and the FP is set at 42 with line off. IAC at idle is 23 and TPS is at .42 and 4.4. Airflow is at about 240 at WOT. I can tap the MAF while the car is running and it does not flinch. The coil packed ohmed out good, about 12k across the 3 banks. Boost is low at about 12 for now. I have tried adding and reducing fuel and timing through the translator, but makes no difference. Below is what I have done in the last few months:

New Walbro fuel pump and sender unit from Racetronix

new intake hoses and clamps

rebuilt turbo

replaced all gaskets including head gaskets

new radiator

10.4mm Taylor plug wires

R43TS plugs gapped at .32

New RJC manual boost controller

new caspers cam sensor cap

new turbotweak 5.7 chip

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MAF should Max at 255 WOT. That is an issue whether or not it's your problem I'm not sure but yours is low.

Do some reading on Steve's site here Vortex Buicks
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