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Starter Solenoid - ???

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Where can I get a good replacement starter solenoid or a new Delco unit? Anyone have the Delco part number handy?

Finally can it be changed on the car without dropping the starter?

Mine went intermittant today at the post office, sat there for 1/2 hour then bingo it just decided to start. No clicks no draw prior to that. Don't think it was the Park/N switch either.
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Mine did that for six months. Replaced everything. No one could fix it. Finally discovered my aftermarket alarm had some crimp on connections in the interupt circuit that were going high resistance when hot...full of green crud.

I guess, if it was convenient, you could test it by simply applying 12 volts straight to the solenoid if it happened somewhere near home.

I would think any parts house would have it but I don't think you can get to it on the car....probably have to pull it.

Might be time for a new starter as well...

New starter? Only has 132K on it, geez, damn American crap!

I will look at the brushes to make you happy though.

I am thinking of running an 18 gauge line into the car from the solenoid to:

1. Read the ign. switch voltage on a meter

2. and... If it ain't there
Make it there by hooking it up to +12 volts and starting the car in a pinch.

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Anyone got the part number handy?

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Originally posted by salvageV6:
Anyone got the part number handy?

#10455300 (from 44W)
I'm sure the dealer can cross reference.

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GM10465293 (Delco#323-488). You'll need the bolt#'s too (14037733 & 12338064. Also needed is a M8X1.25 metric nut for the battery cable. The starter is from the 93-97 LT1 Camaro/Firebird.

Or stock 10455300
Damn CNDGN got it while I was looking. I sent you e-mail with some pdf files that have exploded drawing of upper and lower engine with part number listings. Pretty handy. I've got it on my laptop too I use in the car.
When mine crapped a couple of months ago, luckily I had a hammer in the trunk. I gave it a whack and it started.

I pulled of one of the lightweight ones at a wreckers for $35.00. It was a breeze to put on. I figured a new solenoid from GM would cost just about as much.

Wondered who those files were from I deleted...

Didn't recognize the name, thought it was a virus. Oooops.

Got a remanned Bosch for $70 out the door at NAPA.

New solenoid was $48 locally.

Hopefully it will fit and work while I rebuild mine with brushes and a new GM solenoid.

Thanks for the help

Buick dealer wanted $105 for a remanned one which I woulda bought but of course he didn't have one in stock.
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