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stage blocks??

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where can i get either a stage I or II block? and how much do they ussually cost?
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Look in and also make a new post "Stage Block wanted" in the parts sections of both boards.
You can also try some of the big "racing" vendors like Cotton, Hartline , Anderson, Connelly, Duttweiller. Bare blocks are usually cheap. $1500-2000 it's the insides that cost alot ugh
Try this link, http://members.aol.com/skooby66/index.htm Then click on Neal Steward, and then give him your wallet.
OK well theres no way im spending that much on a motor. What do you guys suggest for a motor, Stock block with forged internals? how much horsepower will a stock block withstand?
550-600hp is the limit(mid 10's) and more your are on borrowed time in my opinion. But many have gone faster and still stay together. A stage block can handle double this and more if built right. Where do you live? So someone can suggest a builder nearer to you.
check www.v8buick.com or ebay I got my Stage 1 block off of ebay for $200
A Stage 1 block for $200? :rolleyes:
It's true, a Stage block for $200...hahahaa. However, look at Chris' signature, "...Alternator,Starter for 455." Still a Stage Motor, just a big block. :D
Yep yep the original Stage 1
well i think ill hold off on the V8, my bro will mess with that. i was thinking and i wanna go with the Stage I block. Do you guys know of any good builders?
Many good builders out there. Where do you live so some one near can be mentioned.
Why not girdle your block? Get some studs for every thing with a bolt, and dump some Hard Blok in your water jackets. How much horse will a girdled motor take?
Running a forged crank in the stock block is a much better combo in my book. The cast cranks flex too much and rear main leaks results, even break with a block girdle. TA Performance now stocks forged cranks and others makes them, expensive but it's just money! A local guy broke his cast crank running on the dyno! (block girdle installed on the engine) Gene
Yea i will deffienetly girdle my block, and i will probally go with a forged crank. The stock girdled block is said to be able to take around 600 hp and thats all i will need to run high tens on race trim. I live in Gaithersburg MD. it's right outside washington D.C. Ive been talking to cal hartline of Hartline peformance and hes helping me set up my parts. Im gonna build the motor myself in my friends engine shop with a lot of their help. i just need to order the parts.
Cal Hartline will be a great help. Also Bill Anderson is not to far from you and may be able to help on the machine work. Good Luck
The v8 is a Stage 1 block
How did this post go from V6 to V8 ugh I assume when the post starter said stage 1 or stage 2 he was referring to a V6.
Stage 1 or 2 could be either V8 or V6

Assumption is the mother of all F*** ups (I think that was from terminator) boy am I bored at work
Only a few Stage 2 V8's were ordered in 1968 and 1970. There are only 3 known around today. So I'm sure he was talking about V6's. I guess you assumed wrong wink
Yea sorry guys i was talking about v6's sorry about that...well what turbo do you guys recomend for my car with the motor? i dont wanna go above a 3000 stall reall unless GN's are driveable with over a 3000 stall. My bro had a 4000 stall in hi trans am and i felt like a turd i just dont want that to happen to my car
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