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You Read that Correctly Folks, For the first time in Canada
the first 20 Minutes of the much talked about Grand National Documentary
Black Air by Andrew Filippone Jr.

Some of us had the pleasure of viewing it at the BPG event in Ohio, and I can say for certain this will blow you away. The professional job Andrew has done here has created something we will all cherish for many many years.
If you like turbo Buicks you'll Love this Documentary!!!

I contacted Andrew about our event and he agreed that this is the perfect place to show this 20 minute Sneak preview.

I can only show it at our event @ Pete's Big Bite, if you miss it you will have to wait until it is released....exactly 25 years to the day that the last Grand National Rolled off the Line....

Here is the Trailer for those who have not heard about Black Air

BLACK AIR - "Misfit" Teaser on Vimeo

Black Air: The Buick Grand National Documentary - Movie Trailers - iTunes

Many Thanks to Andrew for making this possible.
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