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Side molding trim

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Is there an easy way to remove the side molding trim that runs along the door? I want to have a clean look to the car.

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If you are talking about the vertical piece at the end of the door, I don't think so without it looking bad by taking the paint off or just the condition of the paint being different under the trip. I took off a damaged one on one side of mine and it ain't pretty. I fact does anyone know the part number of that little trim and where it can be had?
Mine peeled right off after being warmed in the sunlight. The glue can be safely removed with 3M Wax and Grease Remover.

The only problem you'll have is the fact that the adhesive etches the factory laquer paint. Didn't matter much to me at the time as I was prepping it for paint anyway.

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I guess its only a good idea to remove the horizontal trim that goes along side the door if you are doing do have a paint job.
Hey BuickT, that door edge trim was avaialable from GM, thats were I got mine when I painted my GN in 98. But who knows stuff gets discontinued all the time.
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