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Shocks ?

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I have these POS coilover shocks on the back of my car & orig rear springs" Its time to get rid of the things cause the ride really sucgs and it handes like crap. "Stiff!

Bilsteins" Are they really worth all that?Thats a lot of $$ for shocks! I want a nice comfortable smooth ride. My car now rides like a old car. I would like for it to ride as it did new + some.
Ill also be adding some moog varible rate springs" If they wont give me a stiff ride?

Any ideas welcome!
About shocks" that is Zap!
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I use the Moogs and the Bilsteins. More for handling with good tires and load carrying in the trunk.

Don't think the ride is like a stocker however....

Might want to consider stock replacement type ratings on the Moog springs and simple gas shocks for the boulevard ride....

Just my .02, I do like the setup for Regals however.
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1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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