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Shocks ?

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I have these POS coilover shocks on the back of my car & orig rear springs" Its time to get rid of the things cause the ride really sucgs and it handes like crap. "Stiff!

Bilsteins" Are they really worth all that?Thats a lot of $$ for shocks! I want a nice comfortable smooth ride. My car now rides like a old car. I would like for it to ride as it did new + some.
Ill also be adding some moog varible rate springs" If they wont give me a stiff ride?

Any ideas welcome!
About shocks" that is Zap!
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So whats the difference with the varible rate springs as compaired to replacements?
So I guess i stumped ya'll !
Originally posted by DOOM:

Fast86, I'll let you take it for a drive to see what you think. I thought you were selling your car.
Ok" Only if you tell me who you are? Im really tired of the stiff ride" So maybe ill get some AC Delco's. Thanks for the varable ex. Steve is once again" slacking!

Everything is for sale if the price is right. Someone give's me $15,000 its sold" SO FAST!
1 - 4 of 15 Posts
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