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Shocks ?

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I have these POS coilover shocks on the back of my car & orig rear springs" Its time to get rid of the things cause the ride really sucgs and it handes like crap. "Stiff!

Bilsteins" Are they really worth all that?Thats a lot of $$ for shocks! I want a nice comfortable smooth ride. My car now rides like a old car. I would like for it to ride as it did new + some.
Ill also be adding some moog varible rate springs" If they wont give me a stiff ride?

Any ideas welcome!
About shocks" that is Zap!
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Keith....with all the $$ in your car don't stop now go with the good stuff Moog/Bilstein.
Even my old girl is gonna get um some day!
Nope, not for sale. Trying to bring her back to life. So far I have done all this and have driven it maybe 3 miles.

Rear Main Seal
Oil Pan Gasket
Valve Springs
Valve Seals
Valve Cover Gaskets
Timing Chain
Cam Sprocket
Crank Sprocket
Timing Chain Damper
Timing Chain Damper Spring
Timing Chain Cover Gasket
Front Seal
Water Pump
Water Pump Gasket
Upper Radiator Hose
Lower Radiator Hose
"S" hose
Heater Hoses (4)
Oil Pump Hose HP
Oil Pump Hose LP
Oil Pump O ring
Power Steering Resivor
Power Steering Return Hose
Radiator Core
Thermostat "O" ring
Turbo Inlet Gasket
MAF Pipe
Filter K&N 8"
Valve Cover Grommet
Oil Pick-up Tube w/screen
Duttweiler Intercooler Neck
Oil Pump Gears - not on yet
Oil Pump Booster Plate - not on yet
Fuel Pump Walbro 340 - not on yet
Hot Wire Kit Fuel Pump - not on yet
Fuel Pressure Guage - not on yet
Fuel Pressure Regulator - not on yet
Fuel Pressure Rail "T" - not on yet
Spark Plug Wires - not on yet
Valve Cover Breather Pass
Valve Cover Breather Driver
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Nah! Been too lazy to work on car, plus went to Bristol then Chicago for a week and Talladega is next weekend. Now I did have a 69 Mustang in 76, little 302 in there with the 65 289 hp heads, 13.02 1/4, the best fun was the 492 rear, I think it was, you could pullem on a hop.......kids.
1 - 3 of 15 Posts
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