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shift kit install

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I know that the tranny section doesnt get much traffic so I'm gonna go ahead and ask it here: is it possible to install a basic shift kit without pulling the trans? how hard is it? and for those of you using aftermarket transcoolers...does your fluid still run through the stocker also or did u redirect both lines right to the aftermarket peice?



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Maybe the trans section doesn't have a lot of traffic b/c people keep posting trans questions in the Waiting Room! Just kidding....

Yes, shift kit can be put in from the bottom of the car by removing the pan and valve body. I like using the Gil Younger No-Yo Shift Kit sold by Century Trans.. look in the Vendors index.

Yes, run an auxilary trans cooler in conjunction with the radiator.

These are only my opnions.. see store for details, some assembly required....


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haha, thanks for the input orlando, now all I need is some warm weather...
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