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sealing my DP

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no matter what i do i cant seem to keep my DP sealed.when i first bought the car there was only one bolt holding it on.took the turbo off,drilled out 2 broken bolts and tapped all the holes,made my own gasket and put locktite on all 4 brand new bolts.month later i have lost one bolt and the rest backed off.and blew my gasket out.how the hell are u supposed to keep this thing sealed?since it is a 3in. DP,all i can get on the flange it those allen head bolts
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its a THDP.3in.i know theres not normally a gasket,but i figured it would seal up nice.and it did.the threads on all the holes were fine.ill try it w/no gasket and see if that works
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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